Rachel & Robert – Married!

Rachel & Robert - Married

Rachel & Robert during their first dance.

Rachel Myers and Robert Darr finally tied the knot this past weekend at The Franklin Park Conservatory!  They had a lovely ceremony in The Palm House, followed by a great cocktail hour and reception. The food was fabulous, including The Suisss Shop Bakery’s tower of cupcakes that they made for the bride and groom. Actually, The Suisse Shop has done several of the weddings we’ve worked over the summer. It’s always a treat when they’re the bakers. They have an amazing variety of both unique and traditional cakes with icing that is as near perfect as anything can be.

The beautiful flowers were provided by Fireside Flowers in Reynoldsburg, and they were done brilliantly. The colors for the wedding were yellow and black, and the florist actually found tiny viking sunflowers for the bouquets and corsages. Chuck Batchley was the DJ and MC for the evening, a job done very well. Rachel and Robert even arranged for Brutus the Buckeye to introduce them to their reception!

To see all the images from their big day once the photos are ready, visit us at http://photolosophys.smugmug.com/Weddings/Rachel-Robert!

Jen & Mark – Married!

I love my brides. Especially the mellow ones, which Jen most definitely was. As a member of the Army Reserves and a student in Vet school, she had a lot on her plate during the three month planning process leading up to her wedding. So did her now husband, Mark as a mechanic. So Jen and Mark deferred to me and Marks mom Lori, on a lot of the wedding plans. For one of the most quickly planned weddings I’ve photographed, it was especially beautiful.

Lori Schaefer secured the church, Williams Street United Methodist Church in Delaware, Ohio. A beautiful modern Methodist church with a gorgeous pipe organ, the sanctuary was full of natural sunlight and was tastefully decorated to suit Jen and Mark’s modern theme with blue and silver as their colors.

The reception was at Bent Tree Golf Course in Sunbury. I had never photographed a wedding here before, but I really can not wait to do it again! The staff was so friendly, always offering us water and food. The grounds are gorgeous too, with lots of rolling green hills in the background. Jen and Mark had their reception in the clubhouse, which was simply beautiful with tons of natural light streaming through huge windows that overlooked the course.

The first thing that I noticed was the cake; more specifically the cake topper.  It was to be one of the most original toppers I’ve seen yet. It perfectly matched the couple, their hobbies, and their general sense of humor. But the cake was just as great as the topper, and the BBQ that they served for dinner was just as stellar! They even finished it up with a candy bar at the end! Really, this has to be in my top 2 weddings for the best food and definitely in the top 2 for the most fun couple!

Natalie and I had a wonderful time working with the Schaefers, and we wish them more blessings in their new lives together than they can count.

To see all the images from the day, please visit us at http://photolosophys.smugmug.com/Weddings/Jen-Mark/

Laura & Todd Get Married!

Laura & Todd Wedding

Todd & Laura moments before the ceremony.

I don’t usually write long blog posts, as my wordpress record can attest. But this wedding is a little different because it’s not everyday that you get to shoot two of your oldest and dearest friends wedding. So, today deserves a little more time.

Let’s start with a little background first. I’ve been friends with Todd and Laura since 2001, when they were living on campus and worked with my ex-husband. Todd was actually one of the groomsmen in my wedding. Todd and Laura have been engaged the entire time I’ve known them, and then some. 12 years to be exact. It was sort of understood that they were just going to stay engaged forever. So when they told me last winter that they were getting married, I couldn’t have been more shocked. I also jumped at the chance to be their photographer. Not only did I have to see this happen, I needed to document it.

Laura and Todd got married last Saturday at the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. It was a beautiful location for the ceremony, and even had a fairly big lodge to house the reception. And even though the forecast called for rain all day, the weather held out until right after we took their formal photos. You can’t ask for much more at a Spring wedding during flood season.

The couple decided to have their very short ceremony on the balcony that hovers over a huge ravine in front of the lodge. Surrounded by beautiful woods filled with greens and browns, it was perfect for a Mid-May wedding. They designed the ceremony to be short and sweet, and in the process grabbed our record for the shortest ceremony yet. Including 2 readings, they clocked in at less than 4 minutes. Both the material and the brevity was beautiful.

After the ceremony, Todd and Laura went straight into their first dance, cut the cake, and did toasts. They finished off with the bouquet and garter tosses, and then everyone ate an early dinner! Brilliantly planned and executed , the couple were able to enjoy the rest of their day without having to run off to do anything.

The food, provided by a old friend, was amazing. I’m pretty sure that they’ve also won the record for best food at a wedding (That record used to belong to Esther & Gary in case you were wondering). A wide array of great foods were available, but my favorite were the bacon wrapped filet mignon with dijon sauce and the spicy potatoes. They did cupcakes for all the guests instead of a cake, which was brilliant. I am a long time fan of the cupcake option (you don’t have to pay cake-cutting fees), and had them at my own wedding as well.


Laura & Todd Wedding - Bouquet



Wexner Center’s Off The Grid, 2011

Once again, we were covering the photography for The Wexner Center’s yearly event Off The Grid. And just like every year, it was a blast! We went to the pre-party this year, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the decision. Mershon Auditorium was filled with local restaurants, each with their own miniature appetizers to sample. My favorites are Due Amici and Barrio, but there were lots of other great ones! They also redid the performance area bar and made it way easier to move about. The visuals were stunning, as always. It may have been the best year yet, and they managed to raise over $60,000 for their educational programs! Success!!!


Wexner Center Off the Grid 2011

Wonderland Floats

Wonderland Float at Franklin Park Conservatory

Friday night from 6-8, people gathered at the Franklin Park Conservatory to donate to Wonderland and make wishes that were set against the beautiful backdrop of the conservatory at night. It was gorgeous and touching, as hundreds wrote their wishes for Wonderland on their balloon, each lit up with a small LED light and anchored by books set aside for recycling. Here’s just one preview of our look at the event.

Ohio’s 1st Annual South Asian Bridal Expo!

Ohio South Asian Bridal Expo 2011

We had such a great time at this year’s first annual Ohio South Asian Bridal Expo! We had a similar setup to the Columbus Bride: The Show that we did in January, but that was about the only similarity between the two shows. As someone who attends a lot of trade shows, I cannot express how much I loved the different environment of yesterday’s expo at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

It’s hard for me to pick out my favorite part about the day. I think that it would have to be taking photos at our booth. We used one of the walls as a background, and did free portraits for anyone at the show. We got to spend just a little more time with each person than we normally do at an expo, and it was really great to interact with our clients the way we do at a photo shoot, just after meeting them for the first time. The images that we got, mostly of the bride-to-be’s, were wonderful. We can’t wait to photograph a South Asian Wedding. In fact, we’re so excited, that we’re giving 50% off the entire wedding to the first couple to book their South Asian Wedding with us! That’s right, 50% off.

The fashion show was definitely a highlight! Multiple local and regional designers showed their collections. I must say, there wasn’t a collection that went down the runway that I wouldn’t be excited to wear or to photograph. The color palettes were exquisite, as was the craftsmanship on each piece. Natalie and I watched the show from our booth (which was right in front of the stage, so we got a great seat), with a heady mix of awe and excitement. Neither of us had ever seen that many different designs in one place, let alone on beautiful models that really showcased the clothing. The models even stopped to dance from time to time, some even to hip-hop Indian beats. If you’re looking for any of the designs that were showcased there, we also learned of central Ohio’s only South Asian Bridal Boutique, Maanya, in Powell, Ohio.

The food samples were another highlight from the show. With restaurants like Cumin, Taj Palace, Tadka, Dosa Corner Restaurant, and Banana Leaf Restaurants, the samples of food were unbelievable in their diversity and general deliciousness. Then for dessert, there were tons of cake places. The one that Natalie and I liked the most was Our Cupcakery, who were across the aisle from us. They have red velvet cake, which instantly made them a favorite. But they also had really great vanilla and chocolate cakes, which are the true test of almost any cake maker. The frosting was also great, and I’m not even a frosting lover.

Of course, we saw some of the usual faces, which is always great. Rod and his wife from Buckeye Sounds were there, as well as Posh Event Services. Posh, as always, did a great job setting up our booth. And it’s always nice to see Pat, Helen, and Wendy! All in all, it was a great day, and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

We are the champions!

Okay, well, maybe not the champions, but we did win a photo contest. PhotoStockPlus.com’s “Festive Occasion” Contest, to be exact. Check out our winning photo and leave some love!

Two Cow Garage performs at The Treehouse, Columbus, Ohio

Peppercorn brings down the (tree)house.

The night’s rating: Epic

The level of regret you should have for not attending: Pretty damn high.

Tuesday night at the Treehouse, something special happened… even by Treehouse standards. The talented Joe Peppercorn undertook the mission of playing every Beatles song, in order. And he succeeded.

In fact, it was a resounding success. The Tree was packed consistently throughout the night, with a perpetual line at the bar. People were using every seat available, including the floor, to watch the rotating line-up of musicians help Joe and, of course, to sing along.

Some of Columbus’ best musicians from bands like The Whiles, Low Men, Ghost Shirt, Trainwreck, and others were there to play a part. The energy in the room was amazing, most especially when Joe would lead the other musicians and the crowd to sing and play together, causing the entire bar to erupt into what may be the biggest sing-along I’ve seen in a good long time.

The first of what will hopefully be annual tradition, the evening’s entertainment was a stroke of genius by Joe. And hats off to him, since he never once took a break… even to go to the bathroom.

Look for Joe to be releasing 3, yeah you heard that right, 3 albums this year. Two with The Whiles, and a much anticipated solo project.